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here is your quintessential male scenester.  an unlikely mish-mash of every subgenre of the current underground music scene, this guy has something for everyone!  from his hip graphic tees, down to his extremely snug girls jeans, he garners the attention of all the ladies at the local vfw shows.

he gets his makeup tips from the best of 'em, including gerard way and brendan urie, two pioneers in the guyliner scene.  his parents question his choice of hairstyle, but he assures them he's just "expressing himself." 

despite listening to pop music written for the radio, he will be the first to denounce a band the second they catch the slightest break. the same kid declaring bands as sellouts is the same kid working at walmart.

even though his sense of style nor the bands he listens to should be considered "emo" in the traditional sense, he is exactly what the media would paint as its emo posterchild.

somewhere jeremy engik and guy picciotto are shaking their heads.

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