Most kids who are serious about Metal / Hardcore wouldn’t be where they are without the works of bands such Black Flag, Bad Brains and Black Sabbath. Nowadays, the frontrunners of metalcore wouldn’t be where they are if Switchfoot, Five Iron Frenzy and DC Talk weren’t played at past bible camp retreats.

In recent years religion has made its presence felt in the metalcore scene moreso than ever before. In order to avoid this trend make sure to keep a tally while listening to current bands. If you hear the word “he” more than “she” then you are either a) listening to bear force one or b) you might be being taken advantage of by Jesus mind tricks. If you find yourself armed with a hair straightener and a wardrobe of v-neck shirts you must immediately listen to NOFX records for the next few hours to cleanse yourself from this form of audio hypnosis.

Hardcore wouldn’t be what it is without some sense of passion, but passion about some fictional zombie?

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