this bro has gone through every possible scene phase in the past few years, so he reverts back to hip hop- which he vaguely remembers being cool in fourth grade. signs of his previous flings with the "scene" are still apparent in his plugs, hidden tattoos and the swoop haircut that resides under his fitted cap.

inspired by icons such as pharrel and jay z, the faux hip-hopper runs his own urban streetwear line that mainly consists of googled images and all-over gold leaf printing. references to drugs, pop culture, and blatantly copyrighted images are a must.

he proudly displays his $800 bape hoodie which is, unbeknownst to him, a fake. his shop of choice is, and frequently spends way more than he is worth on limited-edition nike dunks.

although he favors hip hop and lists his ethnicity as "of african descent" on myspace, he resides somewhere in portland and plays drums for a metalcore band. to make things worse, the faux hip-hop scenester doesn't know a single black person and fears for his life when one enters the room.

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