she's the girl you see at all the "scene" shows, putting her chest piece prominently on display for all her super-indie (see: pop-punk) friends to admire.  much like other scenesters, she is completely void of any originality and bases her identity off of whatever she sees everyone else doing.

she updates her livejournal on an hourly basis, making sure to keep everyone informed about her ever-evolving and always drama-filled relationships. speaking of boys, she only dates ones with the exact same taste in music, because in the end isn't that what matters most?

her jeans and cowboy shirts come directly from urban outfitters, but when asked she'll tell you she can't stand "that store."  as for her hair color, it changes as quickly as her mood, and trust me, that's fast! 

need to find her late at night? she'll more than likely be at the local underwear party- just look for the girl with the poorly thought-out nautical stars tattooed in all the right/wrong places!

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