marilyn manson, the undertaker, and bozo the clown- this guy's a conglomerate of them all!  his favorite store is hot topic but a lot of his accessories are found around the house.  his mother's makeup, his father's ties, and his sister's socks have all been donated towards the cause of this outfit.

two years ago, he had blonde hair and an abercrombie-wardrobe, but that all changed the second he first heard my chemical romance playing on a random myspace page.  from that moment on, his entire existence could be summed up with just three words: "i'm not okay."

his obsession with such angst-ridden music is sort of ironic since he hasn't suffered a day in his upper middle-class suburban life.  his favorite songs revolve around girls covered in blood, nightmares with knives and setting his friends on fire, yet he is terrified of getting a shot.

anyone still dressing like this past the age of 16 should seek immediate psychiatric help.

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