Over the years I've gotten emails from a number of concerned emo kids who weren't very happy with the way I portrayed their fashion and culture in "how to dress emo 2.0"

I saved the ones that were really good and have decided to unveil them here for everyone to see.   These are 100% real and unedited, only the email addresses have been (slightly) changed to protect the not-so innocent.  I couldn't make this stuff up if i tried.
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From: "dom" <driger182@______.com>
Subject: wtf

so your saying you dont believe in emo? WELL THEN YOU DONT BELIEVE IN EMOTIONS thats all it is people who like to express themselves not hide there emotions and pretend there tough when there sad they will show when they are in love they will show it when they are angry they will show it so dont tell me there is no such thing as emoline2.gif (289 bytes)
From: kathryn sakhel roseyemogrl@______.com>
Subject: wats up with you!??

you fuckikng ass hole what the fuck do you mean by emo isnt a way of life and give it up what the fuck is all that shit about you fucking shit!!!!! emo is short for emotional, and you would know that if you had half a brain you shit headed dickless dickweed! if you are emo than you are emotional stupidass! last time i checked being an ass wasnt a way of life but that is what you chose so fuck you you piece of shit!!!!!! ok so fuck your gosh damn mom! woops, i forgot even your fuckin momma wont touch you you fat ass fucker!!!!! go to fucking hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Aiyin Shen

i just saw your site as to what YOU think how emos dress, n its total bullshite, do not fuckin kid yourself just cos u think u know the best which u dont and sayin u r a graduate doesnt impress me. so u go around and sayin u no wot a emo is cos u dont N 4 FUKCS SAKE EMOS DONT WEAR REEBOK!!!!!!!!!!
GET UR FACTS RIGHTline2.gif (289 bytes)
From: taylor gilbert sublime3s4lph@______.com>
Subject: hi

ur site is the gayest thing in the world. ("hot to dress emo"). what kind of sick person are u when u let the type of music people listen to define them as people. and just because someone likes emo doesnt fucken mean that they dress that way. you an ignorant fuck.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: "keyleigh irving" teen_suicide_1@______.com>
Subject: bull shit

your how to dress emo site is complete bulshit... do you even know
what emo is????? because the site is so stereotypical it takes the
piss... my best mates an emo kid...line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: nathan lord hottbiker33@______.com
Subject: your site sucks

your site sucks and its not because of the emo shit,
emo does suck, but refused is not an emo band, if you
think that they are you can go fuck yourself, no
person even worthy of uttering the name of the band
refused should know they are the most innovative band
out there in the "punk" scene even after they broke
up. fuck you, labels suck, you think you're cool cuz
you listen to hardcore punk or bullshit like that, on
the same level as emo? you ignorant asshole labeling
yourself or the music you listen to is stupid, instead
of making fun of people for being emo, maybe you
should take a look at yourself, and yes i did just
rant and get pissed off because of a refused reference.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: Ichewpenlids4fun@______.com

Emo..is not a joke.And for the people who do like it let it be,you need to
stop being so closeminded about it.Kthnx.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: alex kuntzman jebusdude666@______.com>
Subject: You are so gay.

Why the hell do you have to diss what others want to think and want to be? If emo is a joke to you then why is dressing like you are gangsta a joke? You are gay go do your little preppy girlfriend and leave emo people alone.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: ericfrankrichardson@______.com

complete faggot tosser i fuckin hate you and your children i hope you die very soon, possibly on christmas day under the tree you fuckin hippy munchin cock lovin wank faced mother fucker! love from jim xxxxxxx p.s tosserline2.gif (289 bytes)
From: <susan.fox@______.net>
>Subject: how to be emo

scence when do gap jeans and reebok shoes make you emo
you are a fucking joke. do real emo kids a favor and take this bullshit off of the godamn internet, then go listen to justin fuking timberlake.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: Mrs Sandra Coon sandycoon1958@______.net

I'm reading this and I’m just laughing because you lack common sense. Let me first state that I do not dress emo and I for one think its funny how when I got to emo shows they all look alike. You have a bad impression on emo kids, yes a lot of them are scene and look alike but you need to understand why they dress and act this way. They like the music so much to the point where they think the only way to really fit in is to dress that way. Their young and stupid, and we've all made mistakes. You said "the current state of emo is a joke" well who the fuck are you to define the genre called "emo". Emo is a dumb name for this genre I actually hate the word. You are the one who is kidding yourself, so what if they want to dress like they do, it is none of your business to pick on kids for the way they dress. I know you've got emails from emo kids calling you a dumbass but now your getting an email from someone who only likes some emo calling you a dumbass, You need to grow up your 24 years old and more immature than me. Oh and by the way why don't you put Taking Back Sunday up instead of Saosin, Saosin is one of the few good emo bands out there and their not even that popular so how can they be “scene“. TBS= 49,200,000 yahoo search results. Saosin= 84,200 results. You need to get your facts straight.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: "Carly Swift" third_eye_blindsighted@______.com>

I can tell you what real emo kids dress like, girls and boys.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: "Stuart Goodlad" stuartgoo@______.com>

why dont you put your degree to better use than making fun of the
way other people choose to spend their lives and money? get out
their a create fine art rather than bitching about others peoples
choices, and the fact that your not making fine art. Whats actually
a joke is that you think that your little website is making people
think, or even that people give a shit about your opinions on emo,
or what you think emo guys and girls look like. all my friends only
know about/go on the site to make fun of the fact that someone would
spend their time on such a lame waste of time, and that you think
people give the slightest fuck what you think about the mo scene.
Find a more fulfiling job, one that actually contributes to socitey
instead of just moking those who are out there, being themselves,
experienceing life.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: "XBlackroseX" isoldmyselfshort@______.com

Why hello, Ive just been on your lovely site, and you say that you appreciate hatemail so here goes... Lets start by pointing out that emo sucks in general, I know I used to be one... (sheds a tear). lol Anyway... your website plainly sucks, you have no fucking idea about emo, what you have described is the shite "new school lets all wanna be trendys but cry about it cause I suck emo."

Anyway, I have a little emo shit kid to my left called who is subsequently a lot more emo than the dickheads in your site and looks nothing like your emo dickhead models, (in his own words).
Continuing, real emo!line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     chantal . rawxie_chanty@______.com
k ur site is pathetic.

i won't go all bitch on you but i need to tell you this:

EMO is not someone its a genre of music you cannot be EMO

now you're telling people how to dress emo ? like come on wtf. that is so scene its honestly stupid sure a lot of people who listen to emo dress like that but still emo is just an over used word to describe someone when really you can't be emo or dress emo

kthxbye. reply if you'd like.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Karli Woods <karliwoods@______.com>

I like you emo site, now i know hot to dress emoline2.gif (289 bytes)
From : wildstyle_junkie2@______.com
Subject : fuck emo :)

i just wanna say fuck emo...i hate it, it pisses me off to see kids trying to get their peers to feel bad for them...i live in a small city of a population of about 60,000 and like 65% of the kids are emo, and it pisses me off...sitting on swing-sets singing their favorite emo songs while im taggin up a bench or sumthin.....makes me wanna slit their wrists FOR the fucking bitches...i say grow some balls and act more like men then fucking pussies...and for the girls....w/e fuck them too...they need to get a life and listen to hip hop... lol peace line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Alex Hejleh <bake.a.nut@______.com>
Subject :     hey, I don't like trends, or "emos" but I have a little advice
you might think that emo music and hardcore music is the same thing
but, it isnt at all, tattoos are not emo, and emos hate the pit, chick emos and guy emos
when you had an emo guys aol name, or msn name, or wahtever it was
xmyheartbreaksintwox or whatever it was you wrote, you should know that the x's before and after repesent a hardcore culture called straight edge
straight edge peopel dont do drugs, or alcohol, or have permiscuous sex, and some are vegeterians. no emos are straight edge, its the hardcore guys.

so, you know, just get some information right before posting it on the internet where impressionable young teens can read it and try and be scene. yeah. internets. serious business. k.

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From :     WeAseL NOnE JusT wEAsEl <liam_evil_banana@______.com>
Subject :     hey not hate mail

hi there my name is liam

just few qestions im 14 btw
Are the used a EMO band? cause all the shit i have heard bout emos i dont wanna be 1
EG - Slit Rists = Hardcore gothics etc etc

PLS TELL!!!line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Jake Laing <porcelainheart_and_hammersforteeth@______.com>
Subject :     i like ur site but few adjustments
hey, i read ur description and its full of shit. i aint emo but i kno wat it is. ur a fashion queer from a gay design school, true emo isnt a fashion and the part how emos were reeboks and sauchony? wat the hell is up with that, just coz they dont wear pink shirts and make a living out of bagging other people doesnt make them lame. u need a life if u worry that much about others thay ur devoting ur fashion skills/lack of, to a website bagging people for being themselves. have u ever met a true emo or just simple plan teeny bopping lame teenagers who wear tight jeans and comb their hair and think they are emo? quit kidding urself? at least they r living their life how they want to and aint gonna stop coz some lame 24 year fashion fag thinks they are a "joke". the only joke is you sitting at ur computer and creating the worst excuse for a website, i bet u only dont like them coz they aint fashionable, true emo's are emo for a reason and dont always live a good life. theres my hate mail, i dislike emo and definetly aint into it, but ignorant self-pleasing over critical hypocritcal fashion losers like ur self frankly need a life. just use ur (lame) but worked towards skills to a worthwhile purpose.
and by few i mean delete ur siteline2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     alex sissom <alexsissom@______.com>
Subject :     .....

Hello...and FUCK YOU. You apparently dont know emo at
all. First of all, the clothes you showed on the site,
not very emo, especially the guy. It can be a life
style, it you want it to be, and you make it that way.
You are an uneducated person putting out opinions,
which you shouldnt do. later stupidline2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Ashton Gonzalez <sweet1631flavors@______.com>
Subject :     emo site
ok. well first of all, I'd just like to say f your going to make fun of someone for how they dress like being emo,


I'm sorry but you have no idea what an emo kid looks like or wears.

1)they DON'T shop at the gap.
2)they will NEVER wear anything concerning a sweat outfit!! common!! a track jacket?!?!?!
3)diesel jeans?!?! what freakign emo kid wud spend that much on a pair of fucking DIESEL jeans!!!
4)and dont EVEN get me started on saucony shoes!! god you might as well have just shot yourself!! you know nothing about emos!!
5)your emo kids are WAY too overweight emo kids are EXTREMELY thin!!
6)they wear TIGHT pants!!! not baggy ones!!
7)and reekbok shoes!!! omg!!! no no no!! they wear vans flats!! not even that!!
they wear CONVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9)most emo kids DONT have tattoos!!
10)the only place they have pins is on JACKETS or BAGS!!!

the only thing you got RIGHT about emo kids is that they wear plugs,have a lip ring, and black hair!!!


and as far as bands omg... your terrible at this only like 7 out of the 20 freaking bands you have as "emo" are actually emo!!

your pathetic

you just proved that you know nothing about fashion and are broadcasting it on the internet

good job

your a complete failure.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     julie emerson <xemorockx@______.com>
Subject :     emo "site"
i don't think it should even be called a site because it is sooo lame! a website is

A set of interconnected webpages, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group, or organization.

u don't even have that! u have a bunch of badly drawn shit u decided to throw on a page and say it was true! it's so wrong and dumb i can't even believe the internet let u put it up. if u knew anything about emo and the emo culture (if u have ne questions u can ask me) u would know u are making terrible mistakes!

u can email me at xemorockx@gmail.com if u want me to tell u how to do it right!line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     <SuperMadhouse@______.com>
Subject :     Emo

As an emo myself i find your "emo" extremely out of line. If you have a degree in this then you must have cheated somewhere.

Emo's have long black hair not short hair

They wear band or atticus etc. clothing

They wear a short sleeved T-Shirt over a long sleeved one.

Converses are emo trainer not reeboks since when has an emo had reeboks.

The type of jeans they wear are drainpipe or baggy and we don't buy them from GAP tosspot.

Once you have made them changes add a few razorblade scars on his wrists and get rid of the biker tattoos and you have a semi emo.

Thanks for making yourself look like a twat.line2.gif (289 bytes)
From: "Harley cox-Hynd" <music-junky@______.co.uk>
Subject: luv wher ur sites @!!!!!!

i share ur hatred of those hu conform by tryin not 2 conform. i can
no longa respectfully call myself emo as topshop sells 'emo' clothes
and it has now becum a fashion for those creativly chalenjd or tryin
2 gain respect. i den ironicaly fal in2 wot emo stands 4 as it is so
tragic. mail me on ur thorts of those hu consida emo a trend

chalice- a girl with a loophole 4 a heartline2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Catherine Burchill <cb831683@______.net.au>
Subject :     emo
sory kind stranger but im emo an ur all wrong trust me.. for a start u forgot the fring then its all black with the once an agen show ov a litle kids hero on ur shirt not all this clour wer not sochile like that an about my trusty tight black jeens an come on what the hell its all stars not rebok only deros an dropouts wear reboks wair has ur skill gon to but we often have eye liner on witch is a cool fashion statment an personly i have a small black bag with bages on it an a couple of razer blades you see wer emo an that meens wer emoitanl we dont like to be calld names our family do it enough we have our music an frinds wer out numbering soon will look down on people as thay do to us. an if u no any woo tangs (wight people trying to act black) tell them to leave us alone we dont hurt them... i wish to her bak from u an her your thorts on this from this stranger.. my name is kial.. my email is kialmorey@hotmail.com hope tohear from u soon..line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Hayley McMann <hayley_mcmann@______.com>

hey, my name is hayley.
i read your site on emo's. i have just one question.
i wear black converse,
grey/black drainpipe jeans,
grey, black or dark blue tops, with either a black zip-up jacket or a black hoody,
and i ALWAYS wear a black and white stripey scarf,
i wear over-the-top eyeliner and paint my nails black.
my hair is in a constant side parting and at least a third of my face is covered by my hair,
i also always wear a thin black hairband.
my fave bands are, fall out boy, green day, blink 182, and nirvana.
would i be classed as an emo?
please email me back when you can (hayley_mcmann@hotmail.com)
love hayley xx line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     ¤Maria Babii¤ <puppy_dog098@______.com>
Subject :     Emo

Im an emo girl.
I want to know, how are ways i can dress and be more ''scene''
im slightly scene but i want to be more than i am, but still being myself... line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Ben Colby <enter-sandman@______.com>
Subject :     EMO!!!!


I am Emo right and i wear band t-shirts of like YellowCard and The Used and Slipknot
and HIM, I Love Ville Valo he is my Idol. I wear skinny jeans and converse all stars with knee high black socks i got long hair like ville valos and it is jet black i have studded belts man i need to no do i dress EMO

Thanx line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     MARK GLIEMANN <blink182izzle@______.com>

i hate you you stupid son of a bitch and im not even kidding im black and i have permed hair wich for black people straightens the hair but our not funny alot of kids are emo including me and i will admit it ou can call me a poser if you want but if i catch your dumass out in the im gonna kick your rhode island school graduate ass have a nice day and think twice before you fuck with an emo kid especially a BEK (black emo kid) yea i dont think youll understand the a abbreviation cause you are a dumass bicth MOTHER FUCKER line2.gif (289 bytes)
From :     Todd Baumruk <cacu215@______.net>
Subject :     Quick emo Question

I thought emo guys wore girl pants and or eyeliner. And it's usaully the gay guys at school that do this so, it's just giving them an excuse.... and plus when did emo start, and I thought your website was semi funny, sorry for no hate in the letter.......yeah, and Thursday is called screamo from were I'm from (Chicago, Il).... so yep that was quik I guess for having nothing better to do than info looking on emo's. Plus according to your site I'm semi emo

Misty ( this is my friends name deal so write back soon so that i'm here)......yeahline2.gif (289 bytes)
claudia agius (claudiagius@______.com)


Hi can i ask you a ques pls.
I love the emo style and I dress like that but I have curly hair
Can I be an emo girl although I have curly hair ?????
my email address is claudiagius@hotmail.com
Thanks Claudialine2.gif (289 bytes)
chrissy powell (pussycat_567@______.com)
Subject: WTF!?

wtf is up with the 'how to dress emo' thing?????????
1. its completely wrong!!! emo's dress how the fuck they want to, not how ur fuckin programme says!!!!
n 2. emo is a fuckin liftstyle to some people so dont go fuckin attackin that fact, ok!?
line2.gif (289 bytes)
Charlotte Northey (chazdreamer3@__.com)

to be honest

with all due respect you no absolutley nothing about us (emos) i dont dress
like that

most of us are nice people and were not all about suicide (i like living;
even if suicide is a way of telling God ' You cant fire me, I QUIT' and
black Infact we dont even usually wear BLACK

Please get back in touch and i can give you some PROPER information!!

Charlotte xx