omg! new pix! new pix! new pix! plz comment! she's got 'em and she wants you to know.  she won't be legal for another 3 or 4 years and she's well on her way to becoming one of the internet's most sought after pieces of jailbait.  if only her parents knew what their little darling was doing in their master bathroom mirror!

she has 73,512+ friends on her account, and 98% of them are desperate men "just stoppin by to show some luv, holler back"

her musical tastes revolve around whatever is being forcefed to her through myspace that week.  whether it's through spammed "thanks for the add!" comments or through advertisements, her favorite musicians are predetermined by whoever can afford to promote their songs on the social networking site.

if you can see beyond the glittery text and the 45 embedded youtube videos on her page, there's an insecure, attention-hungry girl in there- she just needs to learn to keep her clothes on.

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