The Rockabilly lifestyle is generally what happens when punk scene veterans suffer some sort of trauma in their late twenties.  As a result, they start believing they are the stars of a 1950's period piece, where they can idealize aspects of a simpler time. The Rockabilly kids can be seen attending retro car shows, drive-in movies and burlesque clubs.

The Rockabilly male generally works a blue collar job, nine times out of ten at an auto body shop restoring old cars. He longs for a '59 Cadillac but is seen shamefully driving his '91 Honda Civic. Other potential jobs include sailor tattoo artist, stand up bass player, or the role of Danny Zuko in the local theater production of Grease. The majority of his paycheck goes towards industrial strength Pomade as he spends hours crafting his magnificent pompadour and mutton chop sideburns.

The Rockabilly female is a bizarre hybrid of Betty Crocker and Bettie Page, trying to be part 50's housewife and part pinup model. Much like her significant other, she swears she was born in the wrong era but the classy Varga girls never covered their torsos with meaningless tattoos. She'll take pole dancing classes in an attempt to get in better shape for her burlesque troupe, but more often than not falls into a “temporary” career as a stripper. June Cleaver would not approve.

The Rockabilly couple are a clear example of what happens when aging punks embrace Johnny Cash rather than Ed Hardy.  If at any time a Rockabilly individual adds coffins or zombies to their repertoire, they can instantly morph into a Psychobilly.

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