armed with his boots and braces, this working-class hero is ready for a fight after a long night of sing alongs and pbr with his friends fred perry and ben sherman.

your average skin has the “spirit of ‘69” front to back multiple times and can recite any line from “romper stomper” word for word without missing a beat, yet can’t seem to remember why he has a black eye from the night before or who the byrd in his bed is.

unbeknownst to most, not all skinheads are racist, but all of them happen to own the entire skrewdriver discography, included. they’ll tell you they like them “only for the music”. most find this excuse hard to believe since there hasn’t been a single oi record released that doesn’t sound like it was recorded anywhere but a toilet.

inevitably all skins begin to save up their hard earned money to convert their wardrobe over to all of the latest rockabilly gear as part of his skinhead retirement plan. be sure to ditch that #1 crop trimmer for some pomade, that pompadour is going to need some work!

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