the skramz subculture was thought to be created out of revolt of modern corny bands such as a skylit drive, from first to last and alesana, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. as it turns out, it was just a new name substituted for an existing musical genre that already existed in “screamo”, but the skramz kids were in the fourth grade during its heyday.

still playing catch up, the skramz revivalist spends hours perusing the old cmhwak board via to try and immerse himself in the once thriving post hardcore scene. unable to access this so called skylab that so many posters seem to mention, the revivalist has no other choice than to bootleg tees of defunct bands via cafepress to try and impress other skramz purists. after studying photos of billy werner from various angles, his tattoo sleeves look just right and would fit in at any level plane records basement show circa 2001.

unfortunately all of his favorite bands are either long since broken up or french. luckily the language barrier isn’t a big issue since the vocals usually sound like a strangled muppet having an anxiety attack at 120 mph.

the skramz kid is living in the past, but still holds out hope for a new circle takes the square album as well as duke nukem forever sometime in the near future.

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