with more gaudy accessories than a williamsburg thrift store, this gal uses her daddy's credit card to stay hip!  she is an art school dropout and has no intention of furthering her education.  rather, she aspires to become a hairdresser one day; beauty school, here she comes!  please note: this will not actually happen. 

her taste in music taste changes based upon what's being spun at whatever club is trendy that week.  dance music is her absolute fave, but her friends have no idea about her checkered past.

once a ska queen, she now works as hard as she can to preserve her fashionable hipster image by mimicking the incoming trends, and immediately ditches anything that might have been cool two minutes ago.  this behavior prevents her from forming any individual identity whatsoever.

she aspires to work in the fashion industry, and she will- folding clothes at old navy for the rest of her life.

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regina spektor
lady sovereign
depeche mode
new order