june 8th, 2011

hey guys, still plugging away working on new scenesters (quit emailing me about dubstep, ok?) but in the meantime, i just launched a new series at http://www.fullbleed.org which is now seven years old. click the image below to check em out...

december 11th, 2010

i apologize for the 15 month delay, but eight new scenesters are here! introducing the fixed gear hipster, crustpunk, steampunk, nintendocore, cybergoth, screamolester and the rockabilly couple!

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at this stage there aren't many left! who should be next? lemme know!

the your scene sucks book is here! featuring all 38 scenesters, available in both softover and hardcover, pick it up now!


also, i recently launched my 10th series of tees over at fullbleed, my collection of graphic based t-shirts. check out fullbleed.org or shop now!


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september 14th, 2009

3 months removed from the last update and five new characters are already up! introducing christcore, neothrash, applestore indie, the post rocker and most importantly... CRABCORE!

i recently launched my 9th series of tees over at www.fullbleed.org, nine new tees all printed on american apparel 50/50 poly cotton tees. check out fullbleed.org or shop now!

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june 16th, 2009

it has been a few months (okay, maybe about nineteen of them) but five new characters are now available! the working class skin, juggalo clown, crunkcore kid, skramz revivalist and indie jesus are now available for you to poke fun at! Please tweet the shit out of this on twitter / facebook!

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i've also launched a merch store for yourscenesucks, featuring some new and old designs that people have been requesting. all tees printed on american apparel, some hoodies and track jackets are available as well, check it out!

in related news, i launched my new line of tees @ www.fullbleed.org, eight new tees all available on american apparel. i also printed up some silkscreened posters, check em out!

september 18th, 2008

however, i have been approached by a number of people who have wanted an illustration of them done in a style like the format at yourscenesucks.com, so i figure i'll give it a shot.

head over to the portraits page for all the information including how you can be featured here on this site! and check out another new addition, my scene sucks, where you can have your portrait featured, the first member of the roster is joe lifetime, check it out!

november 19th, 2007

aw, what the heck, i decided to put up the other four scenesters! i figure if people are going to buy the book, they are going to buy it regardless if they want to see the other four or not. so with that being said, enjoy the black metal knight, up the punx, rudy boy and brootal kid! i'd rather have thousands of people see em and have a laugh than have a couple hundred pay to see em. and hey, if you like em, check out the book (looks like it is the top seller on blurb at the moment) or fullbleed (which has nine new tees!)


october 31st, 2007

an update?!?

what better day than halloween to preview 8 kids who play dressup everyday of their lives? 8 new scenester should be available later this month along with your scene sucks, the book. stay tuned!

april 23rd, 2007

"everybody hurts" comes out tomorrow!

i did over 100 illustrations for a book being published by harper collins and it comes out tomorrow! the book is written by trevor kelley and leslie simon, both contributors to alternative press as well as several other music relation publications. the book is billed as "an essential guide to emo culture" so who better to illustrate it than me?

i'm pretty happy with how everything came out so be sure to pick it up tomorrow everywhere! (or click here to order it on amazon)

oh yeah, i also have five new scenesters ready to go! hold tight!

ps. i will NOT be creating a "prep" character, some of you kids just don't get it.

april 5th, 2007

holy crap, the site has been getting a ton of traffic lately! thanks to my homeboy adam lazarra of taking back sunday for mentioning the site not only in his blog, but also onstage in front of thousands of kids, crazy!

more scenesters are going to be added soon, with a billion more on the way, nobody is safe! as always, if there is anyone you want to see profiled be sure to email me! (no, i won't make a profile for a mid 20's pretentious illustrator who is burnt out on the scene)

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march 28th, 2007

three years or so in the making and the site is finally live!  you'd think after all these years i'd get tired of making fun of the scenesters but the sad truth is they get worse every year! who would have ever thought that the halloweencore goth trend would catch on so fast?

i intend on adding new characters every once in awhile so be sure to check back every so often! if there are any characters or genres you would like to see added feel free to email me! (and yes, black metal dude is in the works)

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be sure to read the mailbag, there are some absolute gems in there from the past couple years.

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ps. i launched my new line of tees at fullbleed.org, go check em out!

- rob dobi